Monday, June 17, 2013

Tired this week 3/18/13

Thanks for the email and the pictures that you sent, it`s always the best getting to see pictures of the family. It`s crazy how different everyone looks, mainly Ava. I don`t think I saw any pictures of Mom! I want to se the whole family! It made me happy to hear that the boys Jr. Jazz team won their last game, I liked the pictures too Joel can`t be hanging on the rim like that after he dunks it haha. St. Patricks day? Holidays here in Peru aren`t really the same like in the United States and you hardly even pay atention to the holidays that come and go, other than Christmas and Mother`s Day ha. 

So transfers were last week and there`s a new elder now in the apartment where we live, he`s not an american like I was hoping for haha but it`s okay. It`s weird to think about it because I live with three other latins, I`m yet to live with an american or have one as a companion. This next week were going to have transfers again because of some of the elders and sisters that are going home. It`s most likely that my companion leaves this change and i´ll stay with another compy. I`m excited for this transfer, they`re supposivley going to open like 24 new areas in the mission so that`s super exciting. In the stake where we`re at they`re going to open up San José it`s right there off the beach I got to tract there one day in the morning about 2 months ago. Its a straight up fisher town and it makes it kind of hard for the missionary work. 

Good news! This week on Saturday were going to have another baptism :D Laura is going to get baptized. We`ve been teaching her for about 2 months now, we found her with the ward directory and her mom is a member but she`s inactive. We set the baptism date on tuesday last week and she was prepared for the baptismal invitation, so we need some prayers headed our her way for Laura Garcia. We`re also hoping to see a couple more people be baptized that we have been teaching, we just have to set a baptismal date. We tried setting a baptismal date for another investigador that we have she`s named Bridget and her mom is a member. We invited her to be baptized on Saturday and she accepted but her mom says that she`s not old enough to make her own decisions. We`re going to try nd work a little more with that family. We`ve been working a lot with unactive members and we`re finding a lot of investigadores that way. We visited Iris this week a couple times and now we`re teaching her daughter Yorka. It`s awesome because Iris is super excited about the church, she went to this relief society activity the other day and she seems to be getting more involved in the church and has a lot of friends. Oh yeah and were still teaching Antonieta and her exboyfriend Carlos they`re "just friends" now from what they`ve told us haha. But anyways we taught them this weekend and Carlos got let go at his job and so he was all bummed out and down in the dumps so we watched a couple of mormon messages about Hope and tried helping out a little bit. We still have faith that they`ll get baptized, Anotnieta told us that she went to the catholic church the other week and the sacerdote was talking and told everyone that they shouldn`t get baptized in other churches and all this other craziness. Satan is working hard on her but we`re going to fast on Tuesday for our investigadores that we have, maybe you could pray for these people: Antonieta, Carlos, Laura, and Zaid! Other than that everything is going well here in the mission, it`s just raining a ton here in the city and nobody knows what to do when it rains because all the houses are built with flat roofs and everything gets flooded haha. It almost never rains, I don`t think I saw rain for like 6 months until this last week it really cleared the air up a lot but it makes everything super dirty because none of the streets are paved. But luckily my area has paved roads and it`s super calm and they`re isn`t much theft.

Today we didn`t really do anything for pday we just went to the institute building and played soccer and ping pong like always, because the zone always gets discouraged and wants to go to cool places here in Chiclayo but there`s not really anything here. Thanks for the letter and the pictures keep sending them! Love you!

-Elder Connelly

ps Sorry don`t have any pictures!

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