Monday, June 17, 2013

Birthday week 4/1/13

I really liked seeing the pictures that you sent of Grandma Frank´s funeral, it looks like everything turned out well. I liked looking at the pictures of Grandma and the family, I also liked reading about the spiritual experiences that you had preparing for the funeral. It was a bummer to hear about the passing of Grandma Bonnie, I know that she´s now resting with her family and friends in the spirit world. Grandma always made me feel good about myself and always had something good to say, it´s funny because everytime I drink Coca Cola it reminds me of spending time at grandma´s house for family parties. I still remember heading down there for the 4th of July and doing fun stuff like that with Grandma. Did they bury here by Grandpa Frank´s and Reed´s grave?? It looks like the same spot. 

So this week for my birthday I really didn´t do much, it´s funny because in the mission your birthday is pretty much like any other day I worked with my companion like normal haha. But in the morning when I woke up the elders that I live with smashed eggs on my head and threw flour at me haha, it was a crummy way to wake up but it´s okay haha. The apartment smelt like eggs for like 3 days straight, we had to clean it all up but it´s okay now. On the 28th in the morning we went to a ward activity and invited a ton of our investigadors and everybody showed up it was sweet, we´re working a lot with the members in our ward and we´re really starting to have more success. They planned a bunch of small games and we ate lunch at the church and they sung happy birthday and gave us cake. And before my companion Elder Tamani had his transfer on Monday night last week the pensionista gave us cake and their family sang to us because Elder tamani had his birthday on the 30th so it ended up working out it was cool. On Tuesday was the transfer meeting and now I´m with Elder Uriarte he´s from Bolivia, and we get along really well. I think the Lord has blessed me in my mission because all of my companions have been cool and have wanted to work, I should probably knock on wood but I´ve been blessed up until now with my companions. I already knew my companion from when we were in the same zone like 6 months ago, we´re always joking around in the street and we´re working hard. On wednesday we were headed to one of our appointments when this guy stopped us that was sat down in his small motorcycle taxi, he told us that he wanted to talk to us and we sat down with him and he told us that he had been wanting to talk with missionaries. His name is Luis, he´s addicted to drugs and he told us that he couldn´t quit drugs. We talked to his for about 30 minutes in his taxi and explained to him a little bit about the atonement and told him that we could visit his another day. We visited him on Saturday and taught him about the word of wisdom, it was cool to see the Lord place one of his children in our way. On Sunday in the church one of the members brought one of her friends to church and her friend brought her husband, their names are Cielo and Arturo. Cielo has been a member for about a year now and just moved here to chiclayo with her husband from Ecuador. They got married here in chiclayo about a month or so ago and we went and visited them after church in the afternoon. We taught the restoration and the spirit was super strong as we taught and Arturo told us that he is interested in joining the church. We´ve been seeing the many blessings that God is giving us this last week, and I´m so grateful because we have tons of people to teach right now and the ward is helping us out a ton. We even has ward missionaries right now, i´m super happy right now in this area with mly companion and everything, so life is good for me right now. Today we played soccer in the institute building and I played a little bit of basketball with Elder Sampson so that was cool. As for me I´m doing really good and just trying to enjoy the mission.

Sorry I don´t have any pictures to send right now because I forgot to buy batteries for my camera but I´ll have to send the pictures that I have next week! Love you guys, until next week :)

-Elder Connelly

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