Monday, June 17, 2013

Conference Week 4/8/13

Thanks for the email I imagine it was kind of hard sending an email with your cell phone but it was nice to hear from you guys and see pictures of Kauai. You might have to consider making another trip down there in about 5 months or so :) haha. It was cool seeing pictures of Mitch coming home, he`s lost 20 lbs? It must depend a lot in what mission your in because I`ve gained a little bit of weight eating all the rice that the peruvians do. I`m pretty much used to eating rice 5 or 6 times a week with potatoes too. I`m super happy to hear about Chad and that he was able to leave jail and on the same day that Mitch got home, that`s really sweet. From what Dan tells me Chad is trying to go through the repentance process. The Atonement is so special, I was able to reflect a lot on what Christ did over Easter weekend. The atonement changes lives as you learn more and more about it your perspective on life changes. 

This last week we were super busy, on Tuesday we had the zone leader conference and it took up the whole morning and we didn`t get back to our area until about 4:30. Then we had to plan for the zone training on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday we had the zone training. On Friday we had a leadership training with all the zone leaders and district leaders in the mission, and then on Saturday and Sunday we went to all the sessions of Conference. We pretty much didn`t have too much time to workin in our area so it was kind of tough this week. Oh were you guys able to watch some of the conference? It was awesome, they talked a lot about the missionary work and how the missionary work is growing throughout the world. I was only able to see one session of conference in English and the rest in spanish, it`s defintely not the same to watch conference in Spanish it`s cooler to hear they`re own voices. It was cool for me because I was able to recieve a couple of answers to questions I had, and listening to the prophet was awesome. It means a lot more to me now than it did when I was home to listen to conference and listen to the prophet. There gonna build two more temples! One in Brazil and one in Cedar city I think, pretty cool. There was hardly anyone in the church on Saturday morning and afternoon session, most of the people here aren`t able to watch conference at home because they don`t have cable so they go to the chapel. 

Were working with Arturo now, I wrote a little bit about him last week in my letter. He didn`t go to conference because he got sick this week but he`s really interested in the church, we`re trying to help him gain his own testimony of the Gospel so that he doesn`t get baptized because of his wife. We gave him a book of mormon this last week and we have to check up on it and see if he read  the part that we left him. We went and visited Iris this last week and she is the best. She went to the conference on Saturday and she`s staying fiel in the church it`s sweet. We also went and taught Luis we only found him once this week and he hasn`t had any problems with drugs lately as far as we know. 

On a random note I learned how to solve a rubix cube, if you guys send me a package it wouldn`t hurt to send a rubix cube :) haha. Today was nice we went to San Jose again and hung out at the beach and played soccer with the zone, then after we went and ate lunch in this little restaurant. So i`m good friends with my compi it`s sweet, everything is going good in our area. I haven`t really put to much thought into what I want to do after the mission with my studies, I think I`m gonna give it a little thought this week and let you guys know what I`m thinking about doing this next week. I haven`t really thought of going to UVU after the mission, it seems to be a good decision to get my generals finished at SLCC and then transfer my credits to a state university in Utah somewhere but thats just a game plan that I think will work for me. Thanks for sending the packages that you sent! I only got three of the four that you sent because one of them had a messager in it and at Serpost they told me that it isn`t allowed to send that kind of stuff...but thanks!! Love you guys :D Until next week

-Elder Connelly 

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