Monday, June 17, 2013


Hey I´m doing good, my week went by really fast. So there´s some bad news, I´m getting transfered tomorrow to a new area :( We weren´t supposed to have transfers until next week but we had emergency transfers and so I¨m getting transfered. Tomorrow is the transfer meeting but I´m not sure where they are going to send me. I was in José Quiñones since December so I guess it was about time that I get transfered, I´m not going to lie I was hoping to have another transfer here with my companion and everything. It´s funny because we´re going to have a baptism at the end of this week and I´m not going to be here to see Arturo get baptized :( I was planning on getting transfered at the end of this coming week but because of the emergency transfers I have to go. On the upside we had a baptism yesterday, Jefferson got baptized! He´s a cool kid, we´re helping his mom get back to church and she wanted her son to get baptized as well.
Thanks for the pictures that you sent me it always makes me happy to see the family and see how everyone is getting, Ava still is the biggest shock for me because I hardly recognize her. So the baby is due this next week?! Thats crazy, how come you haven´t told me if it´s a boy or a girl? I think I¨m going to be able to Skype in my new area well I hope so, I have no idea where i´m going to be haha but usually the members have video cameras and they let us use their computers. I´m excited to get to talk to you guys again that´ll be cool :) Did you sell pretty much everything in the garage sell at grandma´s house? That must have been kind of hard to have to sell some of her stuff but at the same time I´m sure it helped. How´s the family doing now with her passing and everything?
This past week we did a ton of service in our ward, it helped a lot so that we have more trust with the members. We cleaned off a member´s roof and painted at two member´s houses. We had exchanges and I went on splits with one of the elders in our zone on Friday. Nothing really too exciting happened this week, other than the baptism that we had. The baptismal service turned out  One of our investigadors showed up to church drunk, he had been drinking all night and then in the morning came to church ha. We had to escort him out after sacrament meeting.
Sorry I didn´t write very much! Love you guys and I¨ll talk to you this next week :) BYEEEE
-Elder Connelly

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