Monday, June 17, 2013

Por fin bautismo! 3/4/13

How´s it going? Wow those pictures that you sent of Bryce are awesome, haha. It made me remember high school dances and prom, it´s crazy how time flys. Happy Birthday Bryce :D Sorry I can´t really do anything other than write you happy birthday in my email. Promise that it i´ll be a lot cooler the next time you have your birthday because i´ll be there to wish you happy birthday. That´s cool that Bryce went to prom I like his tux and vans that he wore, Bryce has gone some long hair right now and looks soo mucher taller than I remember him it´s weird. His date is cute, I don´t recognize any of the kids that were in his group only the Mott kid and Miller kid wow they look completely different a lot more mature. Sounds like Joel did a good job on his oral book report, you guys really went all out on that :) 

As far as I am going, I am really good :) healthy and happy. I´m super excited because we are going to baptize this week, we´re going to baptize Iris. I don´t know if I wrote about her in my last letter but she´s 46 and has been listening to us for about a month and half. She´s really special and super receptive and completely open to our message. In the zone all the elders are working really hard and if ever thing turns out well and if it´s God´s will we should have 9 baptisms, pray for us this week please! And pray for Iris. We´re still teaching Antonieta and her friend Carlos, they went to church yesterday and we taught them Saturday night. Carlos told us that he wants to be baptized but Antonieta isn´t quite sure yet, there´s these lame neighbors that she has that have told her that if she gets baptized in the mormon church everything will turn out bad for her :[ satan is working hard to keep her from getting baptized. She says that she thinks it´s the right thing to do but she´s worried about the change that she is going to have to make and what might happen to her life if she decides to become a member. We´re there working hard with her and we fasted this week for them. Speaking of fasting I had a cool experience. I decided to also fast to strengthen my testimony of the first vision and Joseph Smith and during my fast in the gospel principles class that we teach to the new converts and investigadors in the second hour at church we watched the video of the restoration. We talked about the power of the prayer and watched that video and every time that it gets to the part where Joseph Smith leaves to the grove to go pray I get a really strong feeling/impression and the goose bumps ha, but I know that it´s the spirit testifying that what Joseph Smith saw is true. It´s pretty crazy to think about all that happened to him and all that he had to go through to restore the primitive church and the gospel back to the earth. 

We had the zone leader council this week and it was super awesome. They talked about the gathering of israel and how God is hastening His work in these last days. It´s crazy because in July the church is supposed to be creating 58 new missions and by July the number of missionaries serving full time should get up to 70000 if i´m not mistaken, we´re at about 55000 I think. In the book of mormon in one of the chapter headings in 3 nephi I can´t remember what chapter, it says that God was going to begin gathering israel in the last days when the book of mormon is translated and brought to light to convince all jew and gentile that Jesus is the Christ. I feel pretty blessed to be able to particpate in the gathering of israel and help others to come to Christ helping them make the first steps back to their Heavenly Father. 

On a random note I ran into that black dude I was teaching in the second area I was in from the US. I talked to him for a little while and he told me that he had been reading the BoM that I gave him, too bad though because I wasn´t able to teach him more. He never really progressed but it was cool to get to teach in english. Today we went to and played Billards in our area with some of the elders from our zone. It was fun, it was different because all the pockets were really small and it made it tougher to play. Speaking of Billards, you guys never bought a pool table right? Haha. 

Anyways that´s pretty much all that I have to write about this week, I´ll try and keep you updated on everything that happens. I love you guys soo much. Until next week! :D

-Elder Connelly

PS Don´t have any pictures...sorry next week!

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