Monday, June 17, 2013

Jhon and Jahira's baptism 5/27/13

It was the best to get to talk to all of you yesterday and at the same time it was really weird to say goodbye ha. I couldn´t really see my new sister but in the pictures that you sent me I was able to see a little better what she looks like. She looks so fragile, the pictures you sent look really cool with all the family holding the baby :) It´s a bummer to have not been able to be there with you guys to see her be born and all that, but like you said mom maybe she was able to acompany me here in my mission. That´s funny that you said you wanted to have 10 babies, I would have never thought that are family would be as big as it is. You and dad have really been able to keep the commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the earth haha. It´s really special to have a big family I think, here in Peru I´ve seen that in the culture families are important to the people.
I didn´t really tell you guys what happened this week when I talked to you on skype, but to fill you in we baptised this week! We baptised on Monday Johana, sadly her husband wasn´t able to get baptised because he didn´t pass he baptismal interview. Manuel her husband, has had a problem with his personality because he has an explosive personality. His sister got robbed and he used to walk around with a pistol and he had stopped using his pistol but when that happened he was on a mission to find the robbers and either fight them or shoot them. So we decided to give him a little of time to be able to progress a little more. He went to church yesterday with his wife and he was really participating in our Gospel Principles class. I think he´s going through the repentance process, I see him more calm now and humble. A lot of times Christ taught that we should become as a small child, meek, submissive and if we do that we can experience the power of the Atonement and repent. If i´m not mistaken it´s in 3 Nephi 9 and in Matthew somewhere, I can´t remember the verses. He was really upset that he wasn´t able to get baptised with his wife, but I think this will help him to reflect and really repent of his sins. We put a baptismal date for his two kids Jhon and Johana for May 25th, so were hoping by the 25th Manuel will get baptised with his two kids, keep your fingers crossed :)
On Saturday we had a fun ward activity for Mother´s Day and we acted out a funny sketch. Where there´s a mom that has kids that lie and wants to find a way to detect the lies that her kids tell her. In the sketch this lady sales a lying detecting mummy to the mom and everytime someone lies the mummy shakes. It´s kind of hard to explain but it turned out super funny. I sent a picture of me rapped up in toilet paper as the mummy haha.
I´m doing really good like I told you guys yesterday and I´m really enjoying me new area the investigadors my companion and the members. God has blessed me to always have cool companions I think, I´m always able to learn a lot from all of them. I´m glad that you guys are glad that i´m here in the mission and it always feels good to have your support. It´s a bummer for some of the elders in the mission because their families don´t support them or because their families don´t want them in the mission. Things are going good other than the freakin mosquitos haha. I´m using repellent now but I think I got cursed with mom´s blood because the mosquitos love to bite me.
Oh today I went and bought two pairs of pants I hope that´s okay :) haha, they costed me 120 soles I¨m not sure how expensive that is in dollars I tried buying pants inexpensive but at the same time pants that weren´t going to rip within two weeks. Thanks for sending the package! It´s the best when you get a package in the mission, it´s like a little slice of the outside world haha. Welp I got to go love you guys and have a good week!
-Elder Connelly

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