Monday, June 17, 2013


Hi familia! I`m doing good, we went and checked out that museum this last week it was super cool. It has a bunch of artifacts from Los Mochicas and it has the remains of El SeƱor de Sipan, it was an old civilization that was here in the northern part of Peru by Lambayeque. I think Mom would like the outside of the museum a lot since she likes everything to be modern looking. That was cool to here about Mitch`s stories from his mission, it always pays off to listen to the spirit and then act a lot of times we receive promptings from the spirit and we just ignore it or think that it really isn`t the spirit talking to us. That`s so nuts about Tate...haha he didn`t want to wait at all to get married, but I guess it makes sense that he gets married before Keaton takes off on his mission. I really liked the pictures you sent of Hawaii it looks so pretty there, I miss the good ol family trip to Hawaii. That picture of Joel`s hand it`s pretty crazy, was it a big knife? How many stiches did they give him??
This last week like I told you we went to that museum Tumbas Reales and we had a zone exchange with all the elders in the zone. Everyone of the elders in the zone got put with someone in the zone that was their companion to work with that elder for the day. I think it ended up turning out okay, it always helps to go tracting with another elder that isn`t your companion so you can learn from other elders. So everything is going well with the people we are teaching, Arturo is staying strong going to church and making a lot of progress. His answer about the church is coming little by little, he already told us that God answered his prayer when he asked Him if The Book of Mormon is true. We`ve been working with the ward and the members a lot, we`ve been trying to reactivate members and through the reactivation we`re finding people to baptize. I think I wrote about Jefferson, he`s going to be baptized this week on the 28th. He and his mom showed up to church yesterday, and so we were happy about that. There`s this other lady we`re teaching named Mercedes she`s progressing a ton, she`s about 72 years old and we`ve taught her a lot about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. She went to church yesterday and seemed to have really liked it so were excited for her as well.
I don`t really have any stories to write about this week haha, but I`m doing good with my compy and i`m just happy and enjoying the mission. I`ve started reading The Book of Mormon again cover to cover and i`ve been really enjoying reading that book. If you don`t read it often, read it :) Today we went to one of the malls here in Chiclayo to eat lunch and in the morning we went and played soccer. It was funny today my companion broke a window kicking the soccer ball it made my day haha. So it`s starting to get colder here...finally, the sun here in Chiclayo it`s super strong. Oh thanks for sending that rubix cube! My companion wants you to send Monolopy the board game, to play on Pdays :) if you can send that it`d be cool. Thanks for writing and for the pictures!! Love you guys :D
-Elder Connelly

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