Monday, June 17, 2013

HI! 4/15/13

Thanks for the pictures of Hawaii it brought back a lot of good memories from when we would take family trips there. It looks so green, I haven`t seen vegetation in months...haha. It was also cool seeing the pictur of Mitch coming home.

So today we had zone meeting on P-Day because tomorrow were going to Tumbas Reales in Lambayeque. We would have gone today but it`s closed on Mondays, so tomorrow were going to go in the morning. It`s supposively one of the better Museums here in Chiclayo, I`m yet to go to a museum but it sounds cool. This week went good we found some awesome people to teach in our area and one of the investigadors we have recieved an answer about the Book of Mormon. I wrote a little bit about Arturo this last week and how we met him and his wife at church about three weeks ago, well this week on Friday we visited him and watched a video about the Apostasy and talked to him a little bit about the Restoration of the church. We had already taught him the Restoration but it`s a video with Wilford Woodruff and how he found the church. Arturo is super cool and we`ve been trying to help him revieve an answer about the BoM and we invited him to read the BoM and find out for himself if it was true. In the same lesson we invited him to be baptized on the 4th of May and he accepted, then 2 days after he called us and told us that God answered his prayer. And yesterday he went to church and was taking notes in Sunday School and Priesthood it was sweet. God`s has definitely placed him in our path :) on Tuesday we were tracting in our area in the afternoon and found a family super cool and we taught them a little bit about the church and apostles and prophets. They were really interested in our message and told us that they hadn`t heard any message like the one we had for them, we visited them with some members but they didn`t end up going to church yesterday...other than that everything is going well in our area. Nothing too out of the ordinary has happened. I`m kind of tired lately just a little bit burned out I guess. Tomorrow were going to have a zone exchange with all the elders in the zone and so I`m excited about that, it should help a lot of the elders in the zone. 

I talked to Elder Sampson and he told me that he`s going to go home a transfer early because his sister is gettin married and so that he can study but supposivley theres a possiblity to come back like 3 weeks early to get back for the winter semester. Im still undecided about where I want to study, but I still feel like SLCC is the best option at least until I get my generals out of the way. That could change, I`m not really sure yet...So i`ve been sportin some of the ties you sent in my package for my birthday it`s so nice to have a big variety of ties. So I think I`ve grown a little in the mission because some of my pants don`t fit me anymore..some of my pants make it look like i`m gettin ready for a flood. I don`t feel any taller but I think I`ve grown a little. Thanks for writing, send more pictures!! Love you guys :)

-Elder Connelly

ps the pictures are of me and my comp when we had our birthday because he had his birthday on the 30th of march :)

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