Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Bryce! 2/25/13

`m glad you guys got my package I was nervous that you weren`t going to get what I sent, I didn`t want to say anything because I wanted it to be a surprise but I`m glad that the package got to Utah haha. I sent some things that I thought you guys would like. Be careful with the hats I sent :) and with my plaque! Bryce is going to prom? That`s sweet, i forget that he`s a junior now. Are they going to have it at the capital building?? I remember Prom the last time I went as a senior and Cameron Rafati played, haha that feels like forever ago. 

So to fill you in a little on whats going on in our area were finally going to have baptisms!! Yaaaa. We`re teaching a coupld of different people one of them has a baptismal date for March 09th and were going to put a baptismal date for the end of this week. We`ve been working a ton with Antonieta and she had been scared about the answer that God was going to give her about the Book of Mormon but we had been praying a lot for her and this week we visited her and she told us that she`s been recieving her answer little by little and that randomly she felt that she needed to get baptized. It was awesome to hear her say that, we`re excited for her keep her in your prayers so that she can get baptized on Saturday! I had a cool experience with the Holy Ghost, about a week and half ago we were tracting in one of the more wealthier parts of our area and I felt like we should knock this yellow house so we knocked the door and this guy came out and told us that he didn`t have any time and that he didn`t want to listen to us. Lately I had been feeling small promptings from the spirit and everytime I felt the spirit I tried to act on what I felt with out doubting. I was kind of discouraged because just about every time that I thought I felt the spirit i didn`t see any results, I was little confused. We went back to that yellow house where we had knocked the door a week and half ago because the guy that came out of his house told us that we could come back and visit. We showed up to the house and his brother came out and we asked him if we would be able to talk to him and he invited us in, we talked a little about the restoration and he is really interested in the restoration of the Gospel. We gave him a book of mormon on friday and he was really sincere and told us that he would read it and ask God. He didn`t make it to church on Sunday but it strengthened my testimony of acting on the promptings of the Holy Spirit, even if we don`t see the results right away the Lord knows what he is doing. Sometimes I feel the spirit and maybe ignore the prompting I felt but it`s always important to act on that still small voice that you hear. We`re teaching this other lady named Iris and she`s somebody that really has a strong belief in God she has gone to church two times and we watched the Jesus`s baptism with her. She told us that she felt the spirit and knew that she needed to be baptized, she doesn`t share the same beliefs as the Catholic church and none of her kids have been baptized. She wants us to help her son Marco out so we`ve been working hard with him but Iris is the one that is more interested in the church. 

Today in the zone we played soccer with the elders at the institute building and ping pong again. Oh I was going to ask you guys if I could pull some money out to buy a memory card for my camera, I don`t know how but my memory cards have broken so I need a new one and I`m not sure how much the window is going to cost that we broke :/ if I do take money out ill be careful to only take out what I need to take care of the things I need to fix. Tomorrow is zone council so we have to plan for that after we go and buy food! I got to go right now! But I love you guys I hope you like the package i sent! see you later :D

-Elder Connelly

ps my comp is in the yellow shirt in the pictures i sent

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