Monday, June 17, 2013

Baptism week 3/11/13

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Dang your getting viejo haha kidding, I almost forgot that it was your birthday. I liked the pictures of you guys at the pinewood dirby, it made me remember having pinewood dirby as a little kid. 

To fill you guys in on this week since I don´t have to much time to write. We baptized this week which made us pretty happy, the baptismal service turned out well and it was spiritual. I baptized and we didn´t have any problems luckily she got dunked completely the first time. She is a bigger lady so I was little nervous that we were going to have problems but it all turned out okay ha. We were nervous that we weren´t going to have a baptism because she didn´t show up for her baptismal interview on Thursday and when we called her she didn´t sound very excited about being baptized. In the end everything came through and our prayers were answered :) So i´m staying another two weeks with my companion, I´m glad because we get along well and I´m not ready to have another comp yet and having to guide the area and the zone haha. Until then I´m going to enjoy the time I got with my companion. We´re working hard with a lot of people, mainly inactive members and teaching the people in their family that aren´t members, it´s a pretty good plan reactivate and baptize at the same time. It seems to work really well in this area, we don´t have the support we would like from the ward as far as references go and contacting in this area doesn´t help so much. We found a sweet family yesterday in the afternoon while we were tracting, the spirit never lets you down. I was studying with my comp this morning about the spirit and how we need to learn to listen to the spirit, and act. A lot of time we feel the spirit and either assume that it´s our conscience or we reject the promptings that it gives us. I have had that happening a lot to me in the past couple of weeks, the spirit speaks so quietly to us and if were not listening we might miss a prompting from the spirit. So the sisters that came with us in our group to peru went home, that was weird. Other than what i´ve written nothing crazy has gone on, but I´m happy and everything is going well with me :) oh yeah we went and played pool again today that was pretty fun. We still got to go and buy food for the week and pick up missionaries that are coming to chiclayo from jaen that are going to get transfered. Keep in your prayers Laura, Zaid, Antonieta, Bridget, Miguel Angel, and Carlos please! I know that your prayers are helping :) I love you guys a ton and we´ll talk this next week byeee!!

-Elder Connelly

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