Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hey it's Christopher! Oct 21st


Hey hows it going!!? I loved those pictures that you sent me on here, its a bummer to really only be able to email because letters take so long. I didn´t get any mail this week, and I think thats how it will be most of the time while i´m in Peru. It´s just tough to get stuff mailed. I did send some letters to you guys this week so you should get it pretty soon here. My P-Day is typically on Wednesday´s but it´s on Friday this week because the President of international MTC´s is here at the Lima MTC. I love reading emails from you guys it´s the best! I´m glad you were able to go to Rourke´s farewell, that picture is awesome of Ava and all the girls haha. I am bummed out that I didn´t get to see Rourke come into the MTC in Provo. Hopefully he can use that tie you gave him (: I will for sure remember to keep Gary Jones in my prayers, it´s good that it wasn´t a bad stroke. But it´s a bummer he won´t be able to play golf for 6 months.

So everything has been going awesome here in the CCM, it´s nice weather all the time and it´s a really nice MTC. It´s a little bit different than in Provo, only some of the teachers speak english and if they do it´s very little, the food they serve in the lunchroom is a lot different than in Provo it´s typically chicken and rice ha. We don´t get to have any food with us in our rooms so today when we got to go to the store I bought some ice cream and sprite and it was so nice to get some sugar haha. They feed you super healthy but its nice! Study time has been really good and I´m learning a lot its sweet, and my spanish is getting better everyday. I´m excited because this next week i am going to get a latin companion so that will help a ton with Spanish I think. Oh and also on this coming Wednesday we get to go on this cool tour of Lima and check out this cathedral and a beach and stuff I am stoked. Today for P-Day we took a bus to the Temple this morning and it was such a cool experience, the temple here is so pretty and super nice. Then we went to the store and I got some food and pigged out haha. We walked back from there about a mile and half to the CCM it was awesome to be able to walk through some of Lima the buildings are super sweet looking. I was talking to a couple people at the store and at the temple and it makes me feel like I know no Spanish haha. Hopefully it i´ll come in time. So we walked back from the store and now we have like 2 hours to do whatever to play soccer, take a nap, write letters, and take a nap. I think were gonna go play some soccer here, the field is super sweet. Or play some ping pong. It´s been so nice today to have P-Day because it got prolonged three days. Oh and tomorrow we get to go proselyting in the city so I´m pretty excited about that, I´m not sure where were going to go but it should be pretty sweet. But the MTC here is pretty much the same as provo other than being able to go proselyting and different things its sweet though.

So let me know how everything is going, how´s school been for Joel, Evan, and Bryce? Is bryce going to start Drivers ED? Or are you guys gonna wait on that? It´s a bummer that I don´t get any Dear Elders from anyone, I wish I did! That´s one of the bummers of being down here. I am running low on time and want to attach some pictures so that´s all I can write but I love you guys!! I´m sorry I don´t get to write as much as I have wanted to, I´m gonna write you guys a letter tonight and it should take about two weeks to get to you :D Love youuuuu!!!!


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