Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hola!!! Nov 2nd

Que pasa? hows everything going with you!? Everything is going awesome here, and im enjoying myself a lot. I loved those pictures that you sent theyre awesome :D youll have to send me some pictures of you guys playing the new pinball machine! Is it pretty cool? Im way jealous you guys got it after I left. How was halloween? I was bummed out on halloween because we didnt do anything, not that I expected to do anything haha. But yeah holidays on the mish arent anything real special I dont think hah. Thats awesome to hear about Lindsey getting married, tell her congradulations! has it been snowing a lot? Its real nice weather down here like 75 I think, and really dry so it feels a lot like utah which is nice. Hows Gary Jones doing? Its a bummer I dont get to hear about anything that goes on and I got one letter today haha, and the email time is way too short!! You guys better go skiing a lot this year and take a lot of pictures for me.

So I got my new companion elder chambergo, and hes from lima. hes a way cool elder, I still have my american companion but its split up between both companions. Hes been really helpful with my spanish and different things and we get along really good. Yeah there was an earthquake, it was actually really cool haha! we were sitting in class and all the sudden the ground started shaking for about ten seconds and it was actually pretty cool to experience ha. It was kinda like when we were on the trip with the lavatos and the cabin shook. But it was nothing too terribly crazy. We went on the tour and it was super cool I think I already talked to you guys about that right ? We went to that old church and all that with the bones and got to tour downtown lima. I attactched some pictures so you guys should get them. Were going proselyting on Saturday I think and I am pretty excited about that, that picture of all the multicolored houses on the mountain is similiar to the place we tracted in. It was so awesome, and a cool experience for me. Just being able to go and knock doors and talk to whoever about the message we have for them was so cool and spiritual. I am so excited and nervous to leave in the next couple of weeks its going to be so cool, going out tracting makes me feel more comfortable aabout the whole thing. Ive talked to a couple of people about chiclayo and they said its really hot there in the summers, the food is aweesome, the people are really nice, and that its a lot like a desert i think. Who knows. Umm what else has been going norte americano comp elder spencer is zone leader now which is awesome for him. We have been playing a lot of soccer and doing the same old stuff here, eat sleep and drink the gospel and spanish. it gets a little old sitting in class and studying for most of the day but its good for me to learn to study hard. We watched the Joseph smith movie on sunday which was cool. Oh yeah my mission president of chiclayo and his wife were visiting the CCM here with a bunch of other mission presidents in peru. And I got to meet them and theyre super nice and seem like theyre going to be really cool, they dont speak any english so thats cool hah. Today we went to TOTOUS and got some soda and food and we were walking around and there was christmas music playing and all these christmas decorations it was cool to see some things that remind me of home :D I have a minute and 30 seconds left so im going to try and upload some pictures really quick! Sorry I couldnt write much. I will write some letters and send them out with more details obout what is going on here :D and the letters I sent last week should be coming soon! Love you guys!!! Thanks for everything!!!

-Christopher :D

P.S. I tried my visa today at TOTOUS and it worked perfectly and it expires 8/13 so were good on that :D

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