Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hiii It's Christopher! Oct 26th

HEYY, how's it going? How's October been?? I miss not being able to have fun during Halloween and go do stuff for Halloween. Haha. Everything is going really well here in the CCM.

We have had some awesome opportunities lately, we were able to go proselyting on Saturday and go real door contacting. It was really cool, I didn't take any pictures cause they told us not to bring our cameras. But I don't think I have ever seen poverty like that it was really eye opening for me. The houses have tin roofs and stuff, and in this one part of the neighborhood there was a ditch and people were just dumping all the garbage out of the back of their houses into this ditch. The people we were able to talk to and teach were so nice and humble! It was me and my companion, Elder Spencer and our maestro Hermano Vega. It was way nice to have our teacher there since we don't know the first thing about spanish so whenever we got lost he would repeat what they said slower so we could understand haha. So we were able to knock doors for about 5 hours, and we were only able to teach 2 lessons and get inside 1 house. We started out and I was way intimitated to talk to anyone, but after about 3 doors I felt more comfortable. About the 4th house we got to, this one lady let us teach her and we sat on these bricks outside her house, and taught her how God loves her. She had been hit by a car and the people who hit her just drove off and didn't help her. She was curious why God would let this happen to her. I felt pretty bad for her. She didn't have a lot of time so we got her info and kept going. We talked to some kids playing soccer here, and all the soccer here is awesome. Within these neighborhoods there is just a slab of cement and soccer goals so we were talking to a bunch of kids playing soccer and they were making fun of us and laughing in Spanish and I didn't understand a thing they said hahahahaha they were nice though. But it was cool to get to really get to know the people here. We kept knocking for a while and people kept saying ''otro dia" another day, and so we just kept going. We ended up running into this lady outside of her house and she let us in her house and we taught her and her husband, they were super nice to us. We were able to teach the whole first lesson to them and covered everything. It was a very spiritual experience, and it seemed surreal I was really sitting in their house and we were teaching real people. But it was just like we had practiced in the past and it went really good. Sorry I am keeping these stories short but I dont have a ton of time. We got their info and turned it in to the missionaries in the area so hopefully they end up getting more lessons.

So today we go on a tour of Lima and I am really stoked about it! We get to go to a cathedral and I think we get to go to the beach im not sure. After that we get to come back and play soccer under the lights for like 3 hours, it's gonna be nice to get a day off and kinda play and have free time. We get our latin companions tomorrow so I am really excited about that so I can learn spanish quicker and get some experience. I have two and half weeks left and them it's outta here for me! Finally! I feel like I have been in here forever but not really at the same time. I love the environment here it's very relaxed but strict too. But were continuing to learn a lot daily. The experience on saturday was definitely my favorite so far. It was so cool, just how I imagined real tracking to be. But also almost too good to be true because of how nice the people were. And I have been told the people in Lima aren't as nice as the people in Chiclayo so we'll see! I talked to a Latino elder from chiclayo last week and he said it's really nice in chiclayo and very pretty. The food is really good he said, and i've also heard you eat a ton banana's there!?? So i'll have to get used to that hahah.

I don't have much time and sorry if these email is short I tried to get in as much as I could!! Love you guys, tell me how everything is going with you. Are you guys getting the pictures I email you??????

Christopher :D

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