Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm in the field!! Nov 16th

Family :D hey!!! So guess where my first area is at?! Its in Cajamarca! It´s so awesome, it´s up in the highlands of Peru in the middle of the mountains. It´s super pretty and really awesome weather, a lot cooler than down in Chiclayo. Anyways i´ll try and tell you as much as I can.

So we left on Tuesday at 7:30 and left for the airport, our flight left Lima at 11:20 and we arrived in Chiclayo aroud 1:00. One sweet thing was I was able to teach a lady on the plane the first lesson and give her a book of mormon it was awesome. We were greeted by President Risso and his wife, they´re are super nice and helpful. From there we went to Norky´s (its like KFC) we ate lunch here and then drove to the mission home. We went through a welcome meeting introduced ourselves to some of the missionaries in the area. We were then assigned our companions and where are first areas would be. I had heard that the mountain highland mission in Cajamarca was really cool and pretty so I was super stoked when they called my name and said I would be serving there. My companion Elder Pacori is awesome and really nice and easy going he´s 26 which is pretty interesting haha, but he knows a lot and he will be very helpful. We left the mission home at 10:30 and took a double decker bus through the night up the mountains into Cajamarca, we arrived at 5 in the morning so I´m fairly tired haha. Our apartment is really nice, a lot nicer than I expected. I feel really blessed for the area i´ll be in and the companion I have. We are living with some members in the ward. The room is about the size of my room at our house and it´s just me and Elder Pacori. I feel really safe where I am at. I talked to my companion about Cajamarca and I asked him if I needed to worry about anyone trying to rob us and he said it´s super relaxed here and tranquil (I think thats how you spell it). You should look up some pictures of the city, I was going to send some pictures but I don´t really have any time. I should be able to email you guys on Monday (P-Day). Umm so que mas?? I hear the members are really cool, and we are teaching some lessons to today to some less active members and some investigators. Were planning on commiting one of the investigators to baptism so we´ll see what happens. We went this morning to a members how where we eat all our meals and they were so nice and we ate some pan, eggs, and hot chocolate. They´re very nice people. I still can´t believe im in the field now and that i´m in the city i´m in, it´s so pretty and peaceful. I feel really safe here. There´s mountains surrounding the city, so it feels just like Salt Lake City :D it´s so awesome. I can´t wait to get in on some real lessons, my spanish isn´t near where it needs to be but I am very excited for this opportunity I have, it´s like nothing else. We are teaching a class tonight at 8 for people struggling with addictions, alcohol is a big problem for a lot of the people here so they hold a addiction recovery class thing at the church. I´m stoked about that!

So what´s going on with you guys right now? Have you been getting a lot of snow lately?? Or going sledding?? I really enjoyed recieving the letters you guys sent me, I got some just before I left the CCM in Peru. Have you been playing the pinball machines and all that?? Fill me in on everything :D I feel bad I dont have a ton of time but on monday i will have a hour for email.

As far as my mailing address goes i´m not sure what it is, but when we have our district meeting I should be able to find that out. Also so I have pouch mail, I can recieve letters through pouch. But I can´t send through pouch which is a bummer. The church pays for two cartas a month I believe, but its 7 solace to send a letter out through SerPost so its pretty expensive! But anyways let me know how you guys are doing´!! I´ll talk to you on Monday :D Love youuuuu!!!!


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