Saturday, November 26, 2011

First Week! Nov 21st

Family :D

Hey! How´s it going?? Those pictures you sent were awesome, of the family, the snow, and the pinball machine. The snow looks so cool in our backyard with the trees and all, it made me miss winter time. You have passes to go skiing at brighton right?? That´ll be fun! The pinball machines in the basement look cool, and MM looks really fun. I am really enjoying myself here in Cajamarca, it´s really pretty. It feels a lot like home with the mountains surrounding the city. You guys would love it here.

So the first week has been pretty cool, I am tired all the time haha. The area of Cajamarca that me and my comp have is literal on the mountain, so when were tracting it´s pretty tiring the hills we walk are super steep haha. But I am getting used to it. The people here have been nice so far, and it´s very laid back here. The situation with the cars driving around on the streets is a little sketchy but you just have to be careful and it´s not a big deal. I feel so lucky to be in the area i´m in, President Risso told me that most missionaries don´t get the chance to serve here so I am really excited about it. We have appointments and were teaching all the time were crazy busy all the time. My companion is really cool, and he knows a lot. So I am learning a lot from him. He helps me with my Spanish and what not so it´s been really helpful. I am still very confused with Spanish, I am learning little by little and I am forced to speak it every day. It´s weird this whole week I don´t think I have spoken a word of English. So I think this will help me to learn Spanish very quick. I am okay when it comes to talking about The Gospel but my vocabulary for things not pertaining to that is very limited. I think it will just come with time. Our apartment is very nice it´s sweet, we don´t talk much with the family we live with in fact I think I have only met them for like 5 minutes. Our pension where we eat food is awesome, the family is super nice. They sell pan from their house, it´s really good bread.

We have a lady with a baptism for this Saturday that were pretty excited about, her names Gladis. She´s really nice and excited about the Church. It´s tough we had two other people with baptism dates, but it´s tough because they have to attend church two times before they can be baptized and a lot of the people have a hard time with that. The people here are very receptive of the Gospel though from what I can tell. We teach a lot of different people and it´s tough to remember all the people haha, we have been trying to have a member with us in our lessons it helps a lot. Pretty much everyone here is Catolica. It´s funny that you brought up those Mototaxi cars mom, we ride those when we have to go somewhere out of our area. But it´s actually really safe, and when we have to go to our apartment we take a taxi cause the mototaxis can´t get up the hills. I am trying to enjoy myself right now and not get down on myself it´s hard when you feel like you can´t communicate as well and it affects your ability to teach. But I was told my Spanish is pretty good for 9 weeks of experience with it so that made me feel good haha. With the Zone today we played soccer and volleyball at the church, it was fun. Everyone in my zone is super cool.

So as far as mail and packages go I am actually not really sure I can figure it out and tell you this next monday. I can recieve pouch mail but I can´t send it out. We don´t have an address here in Cajamarca. Don´t worry at all about sending anything for the people here or for my companion, it i´ll make things more dificult for me. But if you want to send a package to me I would send it in the next week or so, or it won´t get to me on time. I think you should be able to look it up somehow. If not I will be able to send you guys the address next week. The mission pays for two of my letters a week. It costs 7 solace for a letter here through serpost. I have two minutes, but I am going to send some pictures next week. Love you guys!! Sorry I couldn´t talk longer.


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