Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hey!! Nov 9th

Como le va?!! Its snowing in Utah?? Oh man thats awesome, that makes me miss the cold weather in utah. I loved those pictures you guys sent the basketball game looked fun, those costumes were awesome too michael myers and the yeti thats sweet, and lagoon with terror ride frightmares is awesome, where´d you guys get the picture with the snake??, and the picture with lindsey and her husband is cool looks like shes really happy thats awesome. So i didn´t take too much time to read your emails i skimmed over them because i wanted to shoot josh a letter and i dont get enough time on here and i wanted to look at those pictures you guys sent me.

So nothing really new going on here, still studying and trying to get all prepped to head out to Chiclayo. I've been reviewing a lot of Spanish grammar and trying to learn all the rules of the language. I was told by my teacher he said that you will eventually will just talk spanish naturally and you won't have to think about all the grammatical rules that go along with Spanish so that was nice to hear. My latin companion Elder Chambergo helps me out a lot with words and whatever it is, he's super funny. I may have told you this he's a convert to the church he's 23 and he's been a member for a 1 and half. A lot of the latin elders here are 21 or older they're all super nice and cool. I've been reading from the new testament lately during some of my personal time and that's been really cool for me. What else happened this week?? Umm I got ice cream which was awesome hahah, we never get sweets like i've told you and so anytime we get any type of candy or anything its delicious.

So today we drove down to downtown lima and went to immagrations to get our id for Peru. It was about an hour drive and now i'm official here in peru haha. It was cool though we were waiting in line for to get our id cards and we started talking to this guy, he was reading out of his bible. And we talked for a quick 10 minutes about the church, and he got super excited about what we had to say it was really cool! The spirit from this guy was so strong, he was very receptive of our message and we invited him to read the BOM, ponder the message it contains in his heart, pray to know its true, and he will recieve an answer through the Holy Ghost we shared Gal 5:22 to explain what the spirit is. it was so awesome too see him light up and get so excited about the LDM and what we quickly talked to him about I got his address and tel number.

Anyways sorry I dont have a ton of time let me know how things are going?? fill me in on all thats going on!! Send some pictures of you guys playing MM!! I wanna see it! I feel bad my emails keep running so short, I get on email and read the emails you guys send and look at the pictures and then i have like 15 minutes to email back haha. But yeah things are going really good and i'm keeping a good attitude lately and super excited to get out there and do the real thing. i feel like i've lived inside an MTC my whole life hahaha. I'm going to write you guys a letter today and when i get to chiclayo i should get a hour to email you guys about everything. I met my MP last week and his wife they´re really nice so i'm excited about that. Love you soo much sorry i don't have a ton of time. Fill me in on whatevers going on!!


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